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Glass Accessory Products

The following are a few of the products we stock to
assist you in installing and maintaining your glass.

Unbeaded Channels sold in 8' Lengths $23.00 and Up
Note: All oversized channels shipped UPS are extra shipping.

Flexible Pile Lining, Cloth Covered
Available for Chevy & GMC Trucks without frame glass. Mid 30's to 1962.  For cars with cloth covered channels, 30's, 40's, 50's.

Flexible Pile Lining, Rubber Covered
Available for rear window Studebaker Trucks '60-'62.  Later Woodies & wagons with double sliding glass.
Double Channel, Each $30.00

Flexible Pile Lining, Rubber Covered Sweep
M-123 96" Length.  Fits: Ford '35-'40, Chrysler Corp. '35-'63, Kaiser-Willys '50-'54, Studebaker '51-'57, Intl. Harvester '49-'55.     $4.50/ft.

Flexible Pile Lining, Rubber Covered Sweep
Fits: Kaiser-Willys '50-'62, Chrysler '35-'52, Ford Truck '35-52, Int'l '56-'63, Ford car '35-'48.  Works for many cars mid 30's to early'50's.  Good replacement for foreign cars with a cloth bead.   $4.50/Ft.

Universal Button Sash Channel (GH100)
Replacement lower channel when old channel is rusted out.  Can be used on any models.
4'-lengths at $15.00 Each

Stainless Beaded Channels Sold in 8' Lengths $26.00 Each
Note: All oversized channels shipped UPS are extra shipping.

Rigid Pile Lining Uncovered
Available for all models GMC '33-'63, (except ChevyII), Cadillac D Bodies, '63 FD Chevrolet GMC Trucks '55-'63 FD & AMC all models '48-'57 FD.

Flexible Pile Lining Rubber Covered Sweeper
For GMC-Chev., Pont, Olds, Buick B Body, Cadillac C Body, F-85, truck '53-'67.  FMC Lincoln, Continental, T-Bird, Mercedes, Edsel, Ford '52-'58, AMC All models '48-'62, Studebaker '53-'62, Trucks '49-'63, Int'l. Trucks '49-'75, & Mack trucks '59-'61.

Flexible Pile Lining Cloth-Covered
Available to all GM cars '33-'63, Int'l. Harvester '52-'67, Ford '52-'58, AMC '48-'60, plus many other models from mid '30's to the '60's.


'40-48 Ford 1-Piece Windshield Gasket
No divider bar.  Cut to fit.  Gasket is used for V-Butt windshields.  This one piece gasket is one of the best applications on the market.  Each, $45.00

Polish (GSH 485 KA)
Use for polishing light scratches out of glass.  Works best with felt polishing wheel.   Each, $5.00

Polishing Wheel (GH 5702)
Used with oxide polishing compound to remove scratches from windshields and side glass.    Each, $35.00

Complete Kit, Polish & Polishing wheel  $40.00


Composition Rubber Glass Channel Packing
This setting tape is used to install side glass in lower sash channel.  Also used to set windshield in frame. 
Sizes: 1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 3/32"    Per Foot, $1.00

Side Vent Riveting Tool Assembly (GH 1200)

This tool is used to remove and set rivets in lower vent pivots and vent handle brackets and on some division bars on certain American vehicles.  Replacement of vent handle brackets may be done without removing vent from car.  One side of tool is used for removing old rivets and the other side for setting new rivets.
Each, $115.00

A. Pro-2 Silicone Spray (GH P2)
Used to bring old rubber back to life.  Many other uses too!
                                                             10 oz. can, $5.00 ea.
B. Glass Cleaner
(GH 1973)
Used by most installers, this top quality glass cleaner will not smear or leave a film.     
                                                             22 oz. can, $4.50 ea.
C. Quick Set Silicone (GHS 4ABL)
Sets in 10 to 15 minutes, gives a strong bond to metal or glass.                                                   
                                                             10 oz. tube, $10.00 ea.
D. Sealer
(GHT 4959)
Used to seal glass to rubber and rubber to body.
                                                             11 oz. tube, $15.00 ea.

Windshield Installation Paddles
Used to install rubber gasket in car.         Each, $1.00


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